Main research and R&D topics:
– Computer Architecture for general-purpose, HPC and embedded systems
– On-chip Photonics for Chip Multi Processors (CMPs) and future HPC systems
– Feedback-driven Compiler Optimizations for Memory Hierarchy optimization
– Cache issues in CMPs
– Low-power architectures and software/hardware optimizations
– Advanced C++ (C++11/14/17): parallel programming, performance, productivity, error avoidance
– Multi-/Many-core programmability (C++, Cuda, OpenCL) for performance and reuse
– Performance and correctness portability of parallel code across architectures (e.g. CPUs, GPUs)
– System Engineering of complex IT systems and services
– Information Security: cryptography, block-chain algorithms

If you are interested to work together in some of the the above, or related, topics don’t hesitate to drop me an email so that we can evaluate a possible collaboration plan. I am open for thesis, Erasmus exchanges and PhD paths for students, and happy to evaluate any form of collaboration (ex. joint projects, R&D consulting, student exchanges) with international colleagues and companies.