Thesis topics

High Performance Computing and Computer Architecture

  • On-chip nanophotonic solutions for processors and high-performance systems
  • Innovative parallel processors and memory hierarchy architectures
  • Novel caching schemes for multi-core processors
  • Exploitation of advanced processor features with C++

Productivity in programming

  • Efficient programming techniques and tools for cross-platform development for GPGPU and multi-/many-core (NVidia, ATI, Phi, FPGA) with OpenCL and with our patented approach
  • IDE-level tools and techniques for increased productivity and correctness in programming
  • Development of a high-level C++(11/14/17) library for numeric computations
  • Optimized compilation for large codebases

High-performance data-elaboration

  • Elaboration of astronomical images – big and with temporal constraints – for identifying space debris and space objects that could hit the earth or artificial satellites
  • Effective processing of streaming big-data (e.g. CERN LHC)
  • Analysis and optimization of block-chain and crypto-currency software for GPUs and CPUs

Innovative systems/services and mobile platforms

  • Task planning in complex industrial environments
  • Simulation of heterogeneous hybrid vehicles in a 3D environment
  • Augmented virtuality framework for holistic management of geographic spatial-temporal, social data


  • Architectural countermeasures to security threats in cyber-physical systems (e.g. autonomous vehicles and systems)
  • Analysis and implementation of block-chain algorithms on mobile devices